White Collar Investigation

CONNORS LLP proactively and aggressively approaches every white collar matter with the objective of avoiding criminal charges altogether. Our presentation of an aggressive, energetic, and persuasive defense even before charges are lodged has often spared clients the agony and embarrassment of public accusations. And when charges are unavoidable, our attorneys are well-equipped to litigate, regularly representing and advising individual and corporate clients facing investigations or prosecution for white collar crimes. Through comprehensive motion practice, exhaustive factual investigation, and strategic trial presentation, our experienced team champions the rights of our clients in even the most complex white collar matters.

CONNORS LLP also conducts internal investigations and assists governmental, educational, and private entities in getting to the bottom of internal legal problems. We are skilled in ferreting out the truth and making recommendations that address the root of the underlying issue, while implementing remediation and compliance measures to avoid future issues. CONNORS LLP is also experienced in drafting compliance programs specifically tailored to the needs of clients within their particular industry.