Vincent E. Doyle III Completes Term as President of the New York State Bar Association

June 1, 2012

ADD IMAGE Vincent E. Doyle III

Partner Vincent E. Doyle III recently completed a term as President of the New York State Bar Association.  Doyle was elected President of the 77,000 member Association, the largest and oldest voluntary state bar association in the country.

“I appreciate the firm’s support of my service to the legal profession.”  Doyle said.  “I enjoyed my service to the legal profession, and now I am looking forward to returning full-time to representing our clients as vigorously as possible.”

During his term Doyle focused on the Association’s efforts to improve the quality and availability of legal services, particularly to vulnerable populations such as veterans, immigrants and poor people.  As a result of his service, Doyle has received several honors, including a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Buffalo Law School, and the Lawyer of the Year Award from the Bar Association of Erie County.