Nicholas A. Romano, Esq., Obtains Full Dismissal of All Felony Sex Offense Charges

Nicholas A. Romano, Esq., successfully defended a young man against multiple felony sex offense charges, obtaining a dismissal of all charges.  The young man retained Connors LLP to defend him in connection with an investigation initiated by a complaint from a young woman with whom the man met on Tinder, an online dating app, and briefly dated.  He was charged with Rape in the Third Degree (New York State Penal Law § 130.25(3)), a class E felony; Criminal Sexual Act in the Third Degree (New York State Penal Law § 130.40(3)), a class E felony; and Forcible Touching (New York State Penal Law § 130.52(1)), a class A misdemeanor.  If convicted of the felony charges, the man faced a term of incarceration, a term of probation, fines and surcharges, mandatory registration as a sex offender under the New York Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), and other penalties and consequences, including a lifetime criminal record.  After diligent research and investigation of the charges, and more than a year of litigation, Mr. Romano successfully obtained a dismissal of all charges.  The Court ordered termination of the criminal action in favor of the man, and the arrest and prosecution record sealed.