Nicholas A. Romano, Esq., Obtains Dismissal of DWAI Charge

Nicholas A. Romano, Esq., successfully defended against criminal charges for Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs (New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1192(4)), obtaining a dismissal of all criminal charges.  The man retained Connors LLP to represent and defend him after he was stopped for a traffic infraction.  After the officer alleged that he smelled marijuana and observed signs of drug impairment, the motorist was arrested and charged.  If convicted of the charges, the man faced a term of incarceration up to one (1) year, loss of his driving privileges, points on his New York State Driver’s License, fines and surcharges, and other personal and professional consequences, including a lifetime criminal record.  In his research and investigation, Mr. Romano zeroed in on the chemical test evidence, contesting the correlation between THC concentration and driving impairment.  After a presentation to the prosecutor highlighting the motorist’s sobriety on the night in question, the Erie County District Attorney’s Office agreed to dismiss all criminal charges.  The Court ordered termination of the criminal action and arrest and prosecution record sealed.